Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who is behind a Blog persona?

In response to being tagged by Chitty a very long time ago (I never do chain mail - be grateful man):

Three screen names I've had: itisthequestion, thelastboyscout, livebabylive.
Three things you like about yourself: natural build, curiosity, business-mind.
Three things I don't like about myself: I procrastinate when I'm uncertain, amount of time it takes me to get out there and socialise, I fall in love with people who don't love me.
Three parts of my heritage: lower-middle class upbringing, integrity and values from my parents,underachievement at school.
Three things that scare me: unnecessary failure, lack of means (e.g. money), in others: the South African insecurity / fickleness of being proudly South African.
Three of your everyday essentials: Internet, cappucino, making a difference.
Three things you are wearing right now: track-pants, t-shirt, glasses.
Three of my favorite songs: Fields of Gold - Sting, Black Celebration- Depeche Mode, Where The Streets Have No Name - U2
Things I want in a relationship: Intelligence, physical attraction, reciprocal love.
Two truths and a lie (not in order - guess): I drive a sports car, I have released my own CD, I think Justin Timberlake is unbelievably talented.
Three things I can't do without: music, solving big problems - where the solutions actually have a profound impact, the Internet.
Three places you want to go on vacation: The Mediterranean, South America, Bali.
Three things you just can't do: commit to a long term procedural job, lie, forget consequence.
Three kids names: Dylan, James, Nicolette.
Things you want to do before you die: Build a major company that does amazing things, take a year off while I'm young enough to enjoy it, reach peak fitness and sustain it.
Three celeb crushes: Kiera Knightley, Natalie Portman, Robin Wright-Penn.
Three people you want to know these things about: Rantscribe, TheDodge, AquilaOnline (Kyknoord, of the bloggers I know, you started this business, so I know about you)


kyknoord said...

Natalie Portman? Woah, never saw that one coming.

It is the question said...

Yeah, I'm loyal about these things. :)

chitty said...

At Last!!!
You are interesting "persona" with quite diverse tastes. I like... hehehe.

andrea said...

This is like "100 things about me" I've seen on other blogs. I love this idea. I want to do something like that but I'll have to start a more personal blog than the one I have right now -- something more anonymous as my current one is tied into my career and there are certain things you just can't reveal and expect to be taken seriously...

It is the question said...

Chitty: Thank you.

Chitty: "I like... hehehe" ???

Andrea: Yeah it is funny how we form pictures of people through their blogs. I have discovered more about a few bloggers and it is interesting how they might be different to what we imagine, be it looks, home language, etc. I also use my blog to be honest about things more difficult to share with people who might know me, so I have also been careful.

chitty said...

My bad. I meant to say I like the screen name, livebabylive.

Rob Dickens said...

Hey there, Rantscribe here. Thanks for tagging me. Don't know if I've got time to fill it out though. I do a weekly column on (Used to be called Caned and Unable, now Himology - under my name Rob Dickens). Go check it out. Otherwise, glad to hear from you, have a good 1.