Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Now why didn't I think of Akkerliefies?


What a brilliant idea. Good looking girls online are always going to get a ton of hits (over 400 a day - site is now in top 10 SA sites as rated by SA Top Sites).

BUT, more importantly, the guys behind this get to approach girls and ask to photograph them - WHOA!

Basically the idea is a site profiling the pretty girls of Stllenbosch.

As for the meeting girls idea, not since my varsity days have I heard such a good plan. That specific plan was from a guy lucky enough to live in a guesthouse on his parent's estate in Bishopscourt, Cape Town. He came up with the brilliant idea of advertising for digs mates in modelling agencies. Man, there's a brilliant idea.

Maybe I should rent my study out...


andrea said...

400 hits a day? Impressive. On a related topic, now that I'm catching on to this blogging thing I'm just thrilled to have someone log in and leave a comment on mine. Any takers? (Do I have to beg?)

kyknoord said...

It's sort of like the saturation bombing approach to stalking.

chitty said...

Hats off to these guys.
I should've thought of that.