Friday, January 19, 2007

Do you rave?

Peas disclosed her status as a closet raver and got me reminiscing.

I guess any mass human synchrony that also has people completely caught up in their own space has to be amazing. Especially since many can be stoned out of their minds and others are health ravers and just drink water.

I used to love a pretty hard core dingy rave club in Cape Town called Pure. It was very hard core though. Once, I passed on a speaker there. Nobody can quite believe that.

Mega-raves are the biz though. I've been to multiple Paul Oakenfold raves. Biggest was at Dockside in Cape Town. They oversold the event by 100% (I'm not quite sure how you do that) and you could tell inside - the crowd literally moved as one - there was no space for individual movement.

The night before the Dockside rave, I stumbled upon James Small's engagement party to Christina Storm at his then Cape Town club (I forget the name). For some reason he allowed my friend and I in and we partied with all the models from Christina Storm's agency about an arm's length away from Oakenfold on the decks. Did you know he earns up to R250 000 per mega-rave gig and was at that stage the highest paid DJ in the world?

I also went to 2 Paul Van Dyk raves. Van Dyk is the godfather of trance. Man. Awesome.

I also had such a good rave with Oakenfold at the Atlas Studios - one of the best venues I've been to - that I wrote my car off on the way home. I've been a little more circumspect about things since then.

Great rave DJs read a crowds' energy and can build to a crescendo of racing heart beats and whooping ravers without the crowd being conscious of the patterns. It is amazing how a poor DJ can have great music but fall flat.

Nexus is cool. Try it. But Truth in Midrand has been the rave destination of choice in Jo'burg for a while and hosted tonnes of big name DJs. I saw Mylo there but he played speed garage and I hated it.

My favourite Jo'burg rave jol was a small dingy place in Benmore Jo'burg called Sublime. Oh my oath, I don't know how I survived! No big name DJs, just a completely different scene.

I also raved to John Digweed in New York and did the obligatory pilgrimage to Ministry of Sound in London (a night out there could break the bank).

Other amazing dance clubs (mostly house rather than rave) have been Jet Lounge Cape Town (all time fave), The Fez Cape Town, Mumbar Cape Town, The Gallery London. Sadly Joburg doesn't have too many out-and-out dance clubs like that, except on the East Rand and the drive home is therefore fraught with danger.

If 27 is a rave rabbit, I hate to think what 33 is! But alas, I find it takes me bloody ages to recover from a rave these days and I go on the rare occasion (like once or twice a year) - typically when I'm drunk after having been somewhere else.

At the beginning of this last December a friend had the great idea (not) of getting up and going to a trance party at 04h00 and partying into the day. I thought it was a crazy idea but went along with it anyway. It was one of those Alien Safari things I think. I arrived and, sober, walked through the tent village with the merchants selling their hubbly-bubblies, health drinks, mushrooms, etc. By the time I got to the dancefloor, I thought I was in a Harry Potter movie. Wow.

alien safari tokai rave tent town at dawn

Other big outdoor raves have been Carl Cox at a New Year's party on Cape Town's foreshore and another New Year at the River Club (also in Cape Town) - probably about '94 when rave was at its peak. Both had over 30 000 mad ravers!

Still to do:
- H20 (although I thought they were no more)
- The Fridge, London
- Ibiza
- DJ Tiesto
- Junior Jack

I also have to do Carfax although that's more House.

Hey, what memories! I've posted this on my blog for posterity with a photo of the dancefloor from December's Alien Safari at dawn.

alien safari tokai rave dancefloor at dawn

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

To the future or because of the past?

I just saw The Butterfly Effect.

Click here for the Apple Quicktime trailer.

We all take what means most to us personally from these type of movies but it was certainly poignant for me. I took much of last year off to deal with some issues from my past and consider my future.

SPOILER WARNING - you'll want to skip to the end if you haven't seen the movie and still want to.

Apparently the DVD has an alternative ending and theatrical ending in addition to the released movie. I didn't like what I read of either and I would have gone with yet another version.

The movie ends with Kutcher altering reality and settling for the version which is not quite perfect but does the least harm to everybody.

The moral of the story is that "if you change one thing, you change everything" (the tagline of the movie), and that it is pointless to wish we had done one thing differently in our past - we have no idea how this would have affected everything else. Given this, I would have ended the story in the asylum with Evan (Ashton Kutcher) desperately asking for his journals and trying to go back in time to change just one more thing. It would have rounded off the moral - if you live in the past, you are doomed to remain there. It would have left us with the message but wondering if Evan had merely imagined his alternate realties on the way to ending up in the asylum.

But anyway, we take what means the most to us, and that is what meant a lot to me.


The year ahead must deliver. I have promised myself that it will deliver career wise and financially. It kind of has to to make up for the cost of the last year! But the last year was important and I am ready for new challenges.

So onwards it is.