Saturday, November 11, 2006

How fast can Karma oscillate?

So when I thought Karma was beginning to turn in my favour, I crash my car.

Fark. Friend's wife asks if I can take her for a spin, 'cause it's a sports car, and the back spins out on a corner I took too fast. Result is that I went up on a pavement on which the thoughtful house owner had mounted those little wooden bollards. Hitting them took out what at this stage appears to at least be my aircon and some damage to the bumper.

With my final presentation to my client tomorrow and Monday and a big interview this week, I thought things were turning my way.

All that I can do to avoid feeling the victim of a karmic downturn here is to say, "Karma, smarma."

But the thought of the wasted money on the cost of the damage is just killing me. Aaaargh!