Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is South Africa ready for prime time gay TV?

It wasn't that long ago that South Africa lived in censored world where a magazine called Scope was the closest we came to porn.

Now we are one of the most liberal countries in the world, although there are certainly places you'd get beaten up for being gay.

The word has moved rapidly along over the last 15 years too. And gay life is explored in "Queer as Folk" (UK and US versions) and in Skins (currently available on BBC Entertainment on the DSTV platform in South Africa.

The Charlie Hunnam Queer As Folk sex scene - click here to go to YouTube - embedding disabled.

Tonight's Skins episode about Maxxie, the gay character in Skins, might have had a few South Africans hot under the collar (for different reasons) featuring a gay kiss and blow job between teenage boys (the crazy hot Nicholas Hoult - About A Boy - and even hotter Mitch Hewer).

The kiss and blowjob scene - embedding disabled - click here to go to YouTube.

This however would be nothing compared to the few holds barred Queer As Folk. The reason I found out about this was finding out more about the crazily good looking Charlie Hunnam from Green Street Hooligans. The excerpts on YouTube would certainly raise a few temperatures in SA.

But this is probably all healthy, exposing people to what is just another life they didn't understand.

About Queer As Folk.

Mitch Hewer - Maxxie - from Skins

Fantastic dance scene from Series 2 Episode 1 - click here

Rooftop dance scene from Series 2 - click here

Charlie Hunnam - Queer As Folk (UK) and Green Street Hooligans

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is 3G and HSDPA the biggest con out?

I recently moved my iBurst connection to my new offices while waiting for an ADSL installation. 4 months later and I'm still waiting.... (that is another blog / rant)

In the meantime I've been using my HSDPA HTC Touch Diamond to connect to the Internet from home. What a crock. I have seldom got more than 15KBs. This compared to the regular 100KBs achieved on iBurst.

Frankly I think there is too much contention on the cellphone networks and the advertised data speeds are impossible to achieve. Of course if you connect bigger and better aerials I am sure your speed improves exponentially. I am led to believe the stronger your signal, the higher priority your data requests achieve in cell contention algorithms.

Anyway, I could not take it anymore this weekend and rather than working in the office I bought another iBurst account.

Comparative bliss.

UPDATE: Ok. Improve that: My office iBurst (downloading some stuff remotely) is bursting at 145KBs - with the wireless modem in a server room in the middle of the building - no external aerial!