Thursday, July 28, 2005

How do you clean a Ceran stove top?

Yep this is me setting the record for the most diverse ranging blog in the world and a personal record for number of posts in a week.

But if by chance you are the one other person in the world like me (you're in business - or out of it at the moment as the case may be, you're a rugby nut, you're interested in Linux and technology, you're fighting off recent rejection, you're sexually confused - a whole other blog) then you're struggling to keep your fancy new glass-topped stove clean.

Believe me, trying to clean it with anything, even that Bang-Off stuff doesn't work and scratching that beautiful surface is easy. So I found the following:


Cleaning CERAN:

1. First remove any burnt-on deposits or spilled food from your CERAN cooking surface with a suitable metal razor scraper (similar to scraping paint off of your windowpanes in your home - it will not damage the decorated cooking surface). Hold the scraper at approximately a 30° angle to the cooktop. For your safety, please wear a mitt potholder while using the metal scraper.
2. When the cooking surface has cooled down apply a few dabs (about the size of a dime) of an approved cleaner in each burner area and work the cleaning cream over the cooktop surface with a damp paper towel as if you were cleaning a window.
3. As a final step, clean with clear water and wipe the cooktop surface with a clean, dry paper towel.

If by mistake any plastic item, kitchen foil, sugar and/or sugary food should melt onto the hot CERAN cooktop panel, immediately remove it from the hot heating zone with a cleaning scraper. In this way, you will avoid the risk of damage to the surface.

Before cooking food with a high sugar content (e.g. jam), always treat the cooktop panel with a suitable conditioner such as Cera-Fix (Johnson Wax).

If any sugar or food containing sugar (preserves, ketchup, tomato sauce, etc.), a plastic item or kitchen foil accidentally melts on the hot surface of your smoothtop, remove the molten material IMMEDIATELY with a metal razor scraper while the cooking surface is still hot to avoid the risk of damage to the CERAN surface.

Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads of any type. Corrosive cleaners such as oven sprays, cleaners containing chlorine or ammonia and stain removers should not be used.

When the party is over, spilled food or liquids are easily removed. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth or paper towel.

Scratches resulting from daily use are quite harmless and only impair the visual effect.

Please make sure that all deposits are removed before the cooking surface will be used again.

List of approved cleaners:

ELCO/Weimann CookTop Cleaning Creme (

Golden Ventures Cerama Bryte (

Whirlpool Cooktop Cleaner (

Alrighty then, a whole other use for those razor blades and some cleaners I'll probably have to import.


Anonymous said...

I have a seran cooktop on my KitchenAid cooktop. I tried the expensive cooktop cleaners and rubbed and rubbed. I happened across something I use to clean the wheels on my car. It's called "fantastik oxy power". It comes in a blue spray bottle. On the label it has the "scrubbing bubbles" logo on the label also. Anyway after the cooktop cooled down I sprayed a generous amout on the cooktop. I let it set for a couple of minutes and used a couple paper towels to wiped it off. I sprayed it one more time and let it sit a couple of minutes and wiped it off again. It did a great job of getting everything off but had just a little bit of smearing. I used a dry micro fiber cloth to buff it a little and it looks awesome. No hard rubbing at all and just a little buffing with the cloth. Works way better than the cooktop cleaners.

Anonymous said...

I have a ceran flat cooktop.
I guess I have damaged the surface.
On one burner it looks like black is inbedded into the glass. I have tried everyting to clean it. any suggestions?

Empath said...

Make baking soda paste and apply to the stove. Its cheap works well and doesnt scratch

Ashwin Kumar said...

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