Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What motivates someone to show their dick on TV?!?

Good grief!

Just flipped over and caught Sex Etc on MNet. It seems to be about tattoos and piercings and their role in sex.

Now, never mind why someone would actually be motivated to have their body covered in tattoos or have a Prince Albert ring, why on earth would they show their face on a national TV show and then drop their pants to show you their wares?!

There are guys who have beads inserted under the skin of their penis. Now I can see their logic, but man, ribbed condoms dude!


kyknoord said...

It's a long story...

It is the question said...

It is a long story why you went on TV? It is a long story why you had a piercing / tattoo?

Or they are well endowed and want to show off?

Funnily enough, the guy who they interviewed and then dropped his pants wasn't that well endowed.

They interviewed a guy who had a tattoo above his dick saying "Lucky Boy" but he didn't show anything else - so he clearly wasn't allowing for any disappointment within his potential fan club.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Ha ha ha... if I had to expose my dick on tv, I'd suffer from stage fright too. Yep the potential fan club may be disappointed for all the wrong reasons.