Friday, June 24, 2005

Should I quit?

I'm sure we all go through stages of saying, "Am I really happy in this job?" and consider quitting. Mostly, people look for something else, get the new job and then quit. Not me...

I recently formed part of an effort to buyout the other shareholders of the business I worked for. After eight months of unsuccesful negotation, the three of us on the leadership team decided to resign and seek new fortune.

This was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Leaving business at a time when it wasn't doing that well is hard. When the entire leadership team goes it is very hard. Getting the employees together and telling them of our decision was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Luckily, I believed in what we had done - we believed the change in ownership was critical to solve fundamental issues in the business. Further, we had new partners willing to enter the business and bring new sales with them. Also, I had given this business everything for eight years of my life. Finally, we anticipated one of the shareholders would enter the business to take over leadership.

So now I have worked through my notice period. I worked hard at helping bring in sales during this period and did not do much to solicit new employment (thus preserving, in my mind, every shred of integrity).

I am now unemployed by choice as I consider what to do with my life. This is both liberating and frightening: insurance, medical aid and levies quickly add up to a frightening deduction against zero income...

It is funny how conservative I have become given the change in income. I'm switching off lgihts around the house and am too scared to make some technology purchases I need.

A big thing I need to do is just become OK with taking this time out. Knowing I can do this will be empowering for the rest of my life - knowing I do not ever need to work in a particular job.

Ideally, I'll figure out what I'm going to do, sign up - but take a three month break beforehand...


kyknoord said...

Brave decision, to say the very least. I look forward to hearing about your new ventures and successes.

It is the question said...

Thanks Mr Noord.

Gradually getting at ease with my new situation.

Basically taking the attitude that I will have fun and make this into my next success.

And based on my abysmal golf recently, an excellent chance to improve my handicap!


chitty said...

IITQ: All the best, dude. I am sure you'll get through this and look back at it in time as one of the wisest moves you've made.
At least the decision to be "unemployed" is yours and you are in control of what you want to do and where to go next from here.
Keep us posted on your progress.
BTW: I tagged you in my last post... come one, mate, play along?