Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Who has the Wisdom of Solomon?

(Background: the astonishing debate on the MWeb blogs -

And interestingly, more pronouncements Here)

I'm a management consultant with about ten years experience. Mostly I deal with business problems that exist because people are people and not because the rational part of the problem is intellectually challenging. Mostly, people just can't agree.

I only mention this to give background to my experience - which is an experience and not therefore the only truth. But it is the truth to me. Or at least it is my current truth.

But I'm getting wrapped up in myself. Which is my point. Wow. We project. We project our experience into others' lives. And based on either a little or a lot of information. Even if we had all the information, we project our context onto their situation.

We can try and empathise - good word, empathy (and not sympathy) recognises prejudice. But inherently we are all prejudiced (show me someone with a truly open mind and I'll show the hole in their head). We have a baseline opinion. The best of us are aware of that opinion and question it when questioning others.

Maturity? Frankly the wisdom of Solomon is what's needed when pronouncing on who is right or wrong.

Ever hear that saying, "The law is an ass?" But to misquote Churchill, "It's the best we've got."

That's the best thing really. Rather than absolutes ("The law is the law"), recognise the shades of grey (an example, a policeman gave a doctor who stopped to help an accident victim a ticket for stopping in a yellow line. The shades of grey are quite violently colourful there.) It makes maintaining the thin line between liberty and anarchy quite difficult..


kyknoord said...

And this week's expression is "False Paradigm". Try and use it as often as you possibly can. Oh brother, I saw the lengthy counter-thesis levelled at you via your M-Web mirror blog, but I simply didn't have the strength to join in.

chitty said...

I saw the post on MWEB too. Seems strange to me how the post only got reaction from the people (person?) who are guilty of what you describe. Perhaps they have a constant need to justify themselves, an act which in itself speaks volumes.
Loved the post - shows great insight. Keep it up mate!

It is the question said...

It is amazing. I was running of strength too KN, so thank goodness the dialogue (diatribe?) stopped.

Self awareness (and control) is one of the most important characteristics required for broad-based success. Funny how few people seem to have it.