Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Should these men be in charge of our safety?

The South African security guards strike drags on. And with it, more and more violence.

Yesterday saw six people (thought to be working security guards) thrown off a train near Benoni. All 6 were killed.

Throughout the strike, striking guards have injured and killed working guards as they rampage through the cities.

In Durban, a crime wave has hit as shops struggle to manage security without their guards.

This in aid of an 11,5% wage increase. Sure these guys earn small salaries (apparently an average of R2000). But unions other than SATAWU agreed to an increase of 8,5% - almost double the current inflation rate.

SATAWU's holding out should be seen for exactly what it is - a power struggle for members with other unions.

And the workers who damage property and injure and kill people should be seen for what they are - thugs who have no right to be in positions as guardians of human life.

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