Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Can this death make a difference?

I've debated adding this post to what has become a bit of a theme to my previous few posts (here and here). I am committed to South Africa and love this country.

So was Brett Goldin and presumably Richard Bloom. Both young and successful, they were executed by what appear to be some crazed hoodlums.
Brett Goldin's tribute from the Crazy Monkey website Picture: Crazy Monkey

Despite their likely terror in facing their final moments, their pain was brief. They leave behind families and friends who will feel the sorrow for the rest of their lives. And their deaths have robbed South Africa of yet more productive committed young prospects.

It is good to see that excellent police work led to the arrest of the suspects in the murder, before it was even known that Bloom and Goldin were missing.

Let's hope that some of these high profile deaths (here, here and here) spur our safety, security and justice officials into action. In the words of Goldin's sister, these murderers are 'Soulless, heartless and root of all evil'.

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