Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How do you put a video on your blog?

If the video does not display properly
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So I've been getting to grips with my cell phone - bloody amazing, the Nokia 6680.

Seeing as I am likely to be more and more mobile soon, I wondered how to blog from the road.

Flickr is great for pictures, but what about video?

I found these guys at VideoEgg - if this post works then the publishing to Blogger through their platform works great.

This post gives you your first glimpse of IITQ too - good thing cell-phone video is so grainy - anonymity intact?

UPDATE 1: I've just got to figure out how to post HTML - it didn't parse that correctly.

UPDATE 2: I've also noticed that the RSS feed does not contain the video. So only those actually going to your site will be able to see it.

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