Sunday, September 04, 2005

Why did I get these Koi?

I have this thing with fish. I've kept tropical fish at various times growing up.

So when I altered by house, I built the mother of all Koi ponds. It is literally a moat that runs the length of my house.

So I bought another three Koi today - bringing my total to eight. Not cheap either.

SO why did I buy them? I'm seeing more and more parallels between myself and Carter Duryea (the kid from "In Good Company" - see post below). The picture below is of Carter talking to his fish in his office.

Now, got to stop procrastinating and finish the ton of work I need to do before tomorrow. AAAAhhh!

"Here Boy!"
Photo: Universal Pictures


kyknoord said...

Scenes from Duece Bigelow, Male Gigelo keep springing to mind.

It is the question said...

Yes, I get that all the time from girls - not just related to the fish.

chitty said...

Not just related to fish - I sense more here. Care to elaborate?
Btw: I think koi are absolutely beautiful. It is a bitch taking care of them. I don't think I would have the resolve or the patience.

D'ave said...

I don't get the whole fish thing myself. I prefer pets you can interact with. Like pumas.

It is the question said...

CCBT: Uh, no. Koi are beautiful. I have also built a spot in my house for a marine tank - something I have also wanted. Now they are really beautiful, but crazy expensive and difficult to care for. Koi are relatively easy in the end - they're just carp like we find in our polluted rivers.

D'ave: interesting name that. Yes, but my tigers are enough a handful, and besides, they like watching the koi.