Saturday, September 24, 2005

What makes Aussies such good sportsmen?

One of my lasting sporting memories will forever be the fighting finish of the Presidents' Cup at Fancourt in 2003. As the officials debated what the result would be if the playoff match between Ernie and Tiger was called off due to bad light, the players debated what to do: call it off or come back the next day. They were informed that if they called it off, the Americans would retain the cup. Only if they came back and won, would they win the Cup.

At this point Stuart Appleby declared that there was no way in hell they were giving up the Cup and that they would cancel their flights and be back the next day. This sparked mass consternation as everyone pondered the complicated logistics. Ultimately, this caused Player and Nicklaus to agree to share the Cup.

Sadly, Appleby missed his final putt today and lost his chance to draw his match with Tiger. But along the way, he holed eveything within a mile. What a fighter. Typical of a good Aussie sportsman. Lots to learn from them.


It is the question said...

Well after saying all of that, the South African's are having a red letter day. in the final singles. And the Aussies are having a mare. This Mark Hensby chap can't buy a put. But Retief has put in two 60 footers and Trevor Immelman has just halved with an eagle!

Clark is battling a comeback.

It's going to be close, so if you're reading this live, get to a TV!

It is the question said...

Oy Vey.

Hensbay played really well in the end to be beaten by a Kenny Perry on fire.

Immelman played well to be beaten by a Daivd Toms coming back from a heart attack last week.

And Timmy Clark didn't get a look in. Come on Retief and the Aussies!

It is the question said...

Man, how exciting is this Presidents' Cup?

Vijay should have had it on the 17th and then lost it on the 18th. Freddie Couples has his bunny.

Talking of Aussies, Lonard really brought it home.

Come on boys!

It is the question said...

I realise this may be taking blogging a bit far, but you'll get some insight into a sports watching event in my life (while I'm working).

Man, how exciting. The internationals in the last two pairings must win to force a tie and sudden death. Both are one up with one and two to play.

My man Appleby has really come back...

Holding thumbs...

It is the question said...

Dammit! Mickelson cards a bird on the last to square it - off to play off.

Then DiMarco wins his match on the last to win it for the Yanks!

What a thriller.

Now to get this damn work finished.

andrea said...

Speaking of awesome Aussie athletes, this seems like as good a place as any to congratulate the Sydney Swans on their Aussie Rules victory this weekend. To quote

"It may be Melbourne's spiritual home of sport, but it was undeniably Sydney's day at the Melbourne Cricket Ground yesterday. In front of a crowd of almost 92,000, the Swans broke their 72-year premiership drought, first blowing a 21-point half-time lead before reclaiming the game with 15 minutes to go, eventually winning by four points.

Just when it appeared the dream had turned to a nightmare, Swans rover Amon Buchanan snapped his team's first goal since the second quarter to regain the lead in one of the tightest grand finals in history."

Can I just say "yay"?

It is the question said...

I'm confused.

Aren't you Canadian?

Must admit, I've never really "got" Aussie Rules. I think it is the contrast of those umpires in their silly white get up, to the rough players that blows me away...

andrea said...

Guilty as charged -- but a recent convert to Aussie Rules via the kids' game, Auskick, which is played here in Canada in only one place: the community where I live. Aussie Rules got a very bad rap in its eary days but is more regulated/less violent now, and is so much more fun to watch than most "football sports". That said, a guy I know who plays on the local Vancouver team (the Cougars) recently shattered his ankle so badly he'll definitely never play again.

kyknoord said...

Regarding Aussie rules: I'm very fond of the little guys in the lab coats. I don't think I would watch if it wasn't for them.