Friday, September 02, 2005

Is Google Earth the most unbelievable?

For those of you gobsmacked by Google Earth - yeah, pretty incredible - you'll be blown away by World Winds from NASA.

It allows you to zoom around the world applying various overlays to satelite data.

It is a humungous package - 181MB of download - and bandwidth hungry - it downloads up to date satelite info depending on what you zoom in on.

It has unbelievable amounts of info - even cataloging fires buring all over the globe.

Here's a shot of Hurricane Katrina:


LiVEwiRe said...

Damn you. You have found out my secret nerd-passion: NASA. I have spent countless hours on various pages of theirs. I have the NASA Glenn Research Center just over an hour away and could actually see myself camping out in the parking lot, stalking them. Er, I probably shouldn't be telling anyone this, should I?...

The Google site just makes me laugh because it would appear that I live in a tree. I should be glad, I was probably walking around in my underwear when the image was taken anyway.

It is the question said...

Well get World Winds - amazing.

Also, isn't awesome?

And I'm not even vaguely a space junkie. Or even a space cadet.

LiVEwiRe said...

I've been called a space cadet on numerous occasions but vehemently deny it every time. Even so, is really cool. It's one of those things where I check on one thing then realize an additional 2 hours has gone by without me noticing. Honestly, I'd have to think to name our planets but the images and nerdy info just captivate me.