Sunday, May 01, 2005

Why are TV chef's so popular?

So I finally succumbed to buying one of those Jamie Oliver cookbooks on display at the Woolworth's exit aisles. I already had a Jamie Oliver cookbook, and have watched a lot of Jamie Oliver on TV, but this cookbook had a DVD accompanying it. The Happy Days DVD shows Jamie on stage cooking in front of a live audience of thousands and is a lot of fun.

Now why are TV chefs so big now? Well, I think it's because they've removed the pomposity from cooking. They make it look easy and ask "What's your excuse?"

Now I cook a bit, but I've avoided buying a pasta machine despite Jamie's many exclamations that freshly made pasta is the way to go.

And then he showed a roast chicken recipe on the DVD that just looked like a winner: chicken in a salt "cave."

And even the bread looked easy.

So I did a huge shop today and came back bearing pasta machine, bread tins and lots of ingredients.

It was easy! The bread recipe is so simple a kid could remember it. The chicken falls of the bones. And the mashed potato (although undoubtedly no good for one's health) with crème fraîche is a winner!

The next girl that comes to my place for dinner will be bowled over...


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Don't think that even Jamie Oliver could save my ass when it comes to cooking... the kitchen and I are best not mentoined in the same sentence.

kyknoord said...

As long as she's bowled over by your cuisine and not by botulism...