Wednesday, May 07, 2008

UPDATE: How do you hit on someone at work?

Oh crap. Crap, crap, crap, crap crap crap!

After waiting for a week for my response, I sent another email today.

06/05/2008 19:08
Subject FW: Hey


Did you get my email?

Perhaps you were a bit freaked out? I know I would have been if I'd got an
email like that! Sorry if that's the case.

If it helps, I have no idea whether you would meet a guy for a drink.
Frankly, you appear straight. I approached you merely because I thought you
were attractive and a nice guy. I'm a young guy in (hopefully!) the same
situation. I am certainly not openly into other guys - the anonymous email
should tell you that.

Anyway, before I tie myself into any more knots with this awkward approach,
let me know or tell me if the approach is too concerning to you / you're
not interested. (And feel free to continue this conversation from a non-YYY


The original email:

Subject: Hey
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 14:14:45 +0200


This is a bit of a strange email.

I work with at you at YYY but don't really know you. You seem like a nice
and attractive guy.

Thing is I'm another guy. Hopefully also nice and attractive. Pretty
normal bloke really.

Would you meet another guy for a drink?

I wanted to keep this anonymous until I'd got the potentially
embarrassing introduction out the way.


To which I got the response:


Yes, I was a bit freaked out, you never know if there are idiots out there
who would think sending something like this would be funny, you seem
sincere though.

Unfortunately I am straight and recently got engaged so wont be taking you
up on your offer.

Best of luck on finding someone special.

Kind regards,

So this anonymous email approach is quicker and safer than spending ages getting acquainted with someone hot and then finding out they're definitely unavailable.

But how I wish he was. I really am beginning to be concerned at my attraction to unavailable straight guys.


tripeak said...

at least the guys response was kinda nice...

"Unfortunately I am straight and recently got engaged so wont be taking you up on your offer.

Best of luck on finding someone special."

he could have been...well... pretty rude I guess.

It is the question said...

Well that's part of why I was attracted to him the first place and why I'm cut up.

If he was an arsehole it would have been easy.

tripeak said...

okay - makes sense...

anyway, from what I hear you were invited for dinner a while ago and never responded - so this lonelyness is your doing.

Make some time for dinner with friends.

It is the question said...

dude. Different kind of loneliness.