Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do you have a lion problem in your neighbourhood?

Picture: The Lion Park
After lions appearing in Muldersdrift (just outside Johannesburg) some months back, then 4 touring the districts of Limpopo, a pair have recently appeared in Winburg (in the Free State, 100km outside Bloemfontein).

Contrary to popular American belief, this is slightly unusual for most South Africans.

Just to ensure that this is a rare phenomenon, IITQ is doing a snap poll. Please respond to this by commenting at the bottom of this post "No, no lions in the last 6 months" if you have not had one in your garden or "Yes, friggin things are picking off the young ones" if you have seen any recently.

Marauding lioness shot dead
10/05/2006 22:06 - (SA)

Bloemfontein - A young lioness which twice chased and terrorised people in the Winburg area of the Free State has been shot dead, the Volksblad newspaper reported on Wednesday.

More at News24.


kyknoord said...

No, no lions here - although I did see a sad character exposing his loins recently.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

No, no lions in the last 6 months. The neighbour's ferocious cat is the closest I've come to seeing one. Although, I have my suspicions...

It is the question said...

Mmm 0 from 2. Was hoping for a sighting somewhere.

KN: Kenilworth I seem to remember. Rich loin country.

CCBT: Mmm. Could be a probable. Maybe I'll mark you down as a half.