Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Do students have brains?

I read the following article and had a good chuckle to myself.

I still have scars (literally) from my wild student days. My friends and I had the time of our lives.

One friend decided on a swim after a drunken outing to the Brass Bell, in Kalk Bay Cape Town. So he stripped off and dived into a rock pool in front of the restaurant (the restaurant and pub are built on the rocks at the edge of the sea). This would have all been fine except that apparently those rock pools attract much drunken activity and he stepped on a broken bottle. Other friends tried to convince him he needed to go to hospital but he decided to evade capture. He was finally reigned in and bundled into his bakkie as a passenger and driven to hospital. Except that his bakkie did not have a cap for the petrol tank, instead having a makeshift rag blocking the opening - not very well. So much of the petrol had evaporated and they ran out half way to the hospital. Upon which my drunken friend escaped and ran up a tree. The other friend, not much less the worse for wear, stood below the tree trying to convince him to come down. While he negotiated, he held a bucket to thoughtfully catch the blood dripping from above.

The friends survived as did I. I look back on my student days and wonder how.

Drunk student rescued from tree
16/05/2006 22:45

London - A drunken student who spent the night in a tree had to be rescued by British firefighters on Tuesday.

He was, quite literally, out on a limb.

"Alcohol and climbing trees don't really mix," said Nigel Limbrick of the Gloucestershire fire department.

"In all seriousness, he could've killed himself if he had fallen.

"He had had a skinful and in his inebriated state he climbed 30m up a pine tree, without his shoes on. He then fell asleep.

"I'm not quite sure how he managed it, but he woke up wrapped around a branch."

The man is a student at the Gloucestershire College of Arts and Technology in Cheltenham.

He used his cell phone to call firefighters after waking up around dawn, chilly and confused, in the tree.

Eight firefighters needed 90 minutes and ropes and pulleys to get him down from his precarious perch.

Paramedics at the scene treated him for some scratches.

"He was a bit quiet when he came down and a bit embarrassed," said Limbrick.

"I think he got a bit cold up there. He only had his jeans and T-shirt on and he must have had quite a hangover."

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ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

LOL. I like the guys in the stories.
We should definately get together and swop stories... preferably in a place where there are no trees!

It is the question said...

Yes. The two in this story are rather infamous. They are the subject of a multitude of stories.

When they evntually got to Groote Schuur, the bleeding one died quietly on a bench in the long queue while the other one helped out by walking along to each waiting casualty patient informing the nursing staff of which one were closest to death. Or as he described it, "Oh nurse, this one's snuffed it."

No trees - good idea. Can you imagine climbing 30m?!! That is friggin high - about 6 stories!