Friday, March 10, 2006

Vain = Pain?

Probably. Especially psychological pain.

I've always envied those people who are so comfortable with their own appearance that they don't give it much thought.

I am generally happy with who I am.

There was one exception - and so I did something about it. It wasn't a huge thing, but something that I felt could be improved.

I am now recovering from a small cosmetic surgery procedure.

But wow, the pain was excruciating (and no it wasn't THAT procedure). I am now going through the recovery period and nervous as all hell.

If someone has a generally positive self image, and wants one or two things improved, I have no problem with plastic surgery. I think it is dangerous if someone sees a cosmetic procedure as a panacea.

All the same, I am feeling slightly weird about it. Oh well, I will feel just fine if it all turns out OK.


Anonymous said...
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kyknoord said...

I hope it turns out well, too. I'm curious as to whether you would still have gone through with it if you'd known how painful it would be.

It is the question said...

Pain dims with memory.

If you'd asked me on the day of the op, no. Now - well it's all dependent on whether the nerves in that region start working again.

tripeak said...

Who's being vague now hey Mr. IITQ - TDUM.

BUDDESS said...

I hope everything turns out ok for you. It is always a risk doing any type of cosmetic surgery and from what I've been told, always painfull too.

It is the question said...

B: Thanks. Funny thing is, they never seem to mention the pain.

I watched Dr 90210 on E! last night (about plastic surgeons in Hollywood). The one doctor is describing rhinoplasty (nose job), and says, "Rhinoplasty is a relatively painless procedure and has excellent recovery time."

This after having seem the op (which they show in all the gory detail - must be why its on at 0h00 CAT) where the surgeon goes at the woman's nose with a hammer and chisel!!!

Anyway. My pain was only really on the day of the op. since then it has been fine except for the numb nerves.