Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are all taxi drivers evil?

Apparently not!

In the unanticipated continuing series about South African crime balls-ups, how about this one?!!


Irate taxi driver foils getaway of Obs thief

March 15 2006 at 09:29AM

From IoL

By Karen Breytenbach

A petty thief who stole a car radio in Observatory on Tuesday did not bargain on being busted by the driver of a taxi he jumped into for a getaway.

Soon after a woman parked her car near her house in Norfolk Road in Observatory on Tuesday morning she discovered her window had been smashed and her radio stolen.

A man ran away clutching the radio and jumped into a minibus taxi on Lower Main Road.

Suddenly the driver turned his jam-packed taxi around in the one-way street and sped back to the scene of the crime.

Real estate agent Joy MacNab witnessed the scene in front of her office in Sussex Road.

"He was no stereotypical taxi driver. He said he was tired of being the victim of theft and decided to have the crook arrested. So he turned around into oncoming traffic and dropped him off right there where the window was smashed. Three of my builders grabbed the suspect and held him down until the police van arrived a minute later," she said.

After his arrest, Woodstock police discovered the suspect was a member of the 26s prison gang they had been looking for for some time, she said.

"The greatest pity is that the taxi driver left before we could get his name. I wish we could phone him to thank him," said MacNab.

Brian Gray, head of the Observatory Civic Association's Safety and Security Committee, said he was very impressed with the police van's quick response.

"In fact, I would like to ask Woodstock Police's station commissioner for a commendation for officer Oupa Lupizo," he said.

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Marco Valente said...

Ha lol thats kewl, snaps to the taxi driver.