Sunday, November 27, 2005

What should Roland do?

RELUCTANT: Roland Schoeman has asked Ernie Els what he should do about the offer Picture: ROBBIE SCHNEIDER, Sunday Times
I feel for Roland Schoeman. He is one of South Africa's best sportsman ever, in a sport where heroes don't enjoy much financial success.

Anybody who knows something about swimming knows it is one of the hardest sports in which to succeed. It requires at least 5 hours a day of practice - head down in the water, alone with your thoughts.

And Roland Schoeman is tussling with his heart. He has been offered R35m to swim for Qatar up until the 2012 Olympics. Read more here. He is one of the world's top swimmers. Yet he has not even made enough money to be a Rand millionaire.

I hate the thought of him turning out for another country. Yet I won't begrudge the guy if he decides to make some money.

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