Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This makes my blood boil.

I was in Cape Town the day another heist like this happened, standing in my parents' garden. We heard the shots and ensuing chaos as the drama unfolded just over a kilometer away.

I was so impressed at the police work that had apparently traced the men from a cell phone dropped at the scene.

It seems that the police and prosecutors involved in this case were less competent.

Now these guys will doubtlessly kill again.


tripeak said...

I’m not afraid of driving behind/ next to fuel or gas trucks anymore (I know it’s stupid, but I’m weird like that)… these days when I see a Coin or Fidelity Guard vehicle I either choose a different route or keep my distance – let’s face it, there’s been a cash-in-transit heist almost everyday for the last two or three weeks… and I’m not planning on being a casualty, not if I can help it!

It is the question said...

I'm exactly the same.

Someone I work with has a brother who came across the heist in Edenvale two weeks ago. He saw the BMW used in robbery lying on its side and got out to help, not realising what was happening. The next thing he had a gun against his head and was forced to lie face down on the tarmac as the gang finished their robbery.

kyknoord said...

The law tends to favour the criminal in this country. It makes my blood boil, too.