Sunday, October 02, 2005

How much is a good cuppucino worth?

I bought a Krups esspresso/cuppucino machine about a year ago. Without doubt one of my best purchases ever.

I feel on top of the world when I start my day properly. Getting up early, drinking an awesome cuppucino and reading the news before heading off for work.

I have always been of the belief, "Buy the best you can afford." And so while I choked at the price when I purchased this beauty, I do not regret parting with a cent.

A Nestlé hot chocolate with frothed milk is something equally luxurious, and that drunk, I am now ready for bed.

As I always say, life is too short for instant coffee. Night all.


andrea said...

Your last two posts are eerie in their juxtaposition -- the most obvious contrast being between poverty and luxury. But there are so many more layers. Peel us off another, please.

It is the question said...

Yes, some have called me eerie...

I am a bit of a contradiction. I am a fervent believer in capitalism and I feel no guilt in wealth or luxury.

But I believe we all have a duty to alleviate poverty.

Increased wealth raises the standards of education. In education lies broadening of thought and therefore tolerance.

It is not for nothing that intolerance and terrorism finds root in communities that have limited access to broad minded education, debate and information.

eKapa said...

oh, that's just beautiful...the machine that is. and i couldn't agree with you more; instant coffee is like drinking toxic urine.

please tell me you don't drink nescafe! illy's and segofredo are the way to go, preferably freshly ground. and on that note, it's time for my own cup of coffee :-)

It is the question said...

I agree: Illy's is the best, followed by Seattle's blend, then Segafredo.

The machine grinds the beans for you (and then dumps the grinds in a little wastebin when done brewing - that's the part that sold me). So I've been trying various blends. Nothing has beat the ranking above.

kyknoord said...

The curse of the connoisseur: when certain luxuries are necessities. I’m the opposite – I generally drink crankcase drippings masquerading as coffee, so it’s always a real treat when I do have something good.

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

Not much of a coffee drinker I am afriad. I like the "finer" things in life... cofee is just not one of them.
I am a hyperactive adult (100% true) and cofee does not go well with my... uh... condition.
I think you'll agree, I have my fair share of excitement. A caffeine high may have hilarious, if not dire, consequences.

It is the question said...

KN: I know of what you speak - it's that Frisco stuff, isn't it? I worked on a project in Zim some years back, and all they had was this "chicory" laden stuff. Almost killed me.

Chit: I am building up quite a picture of you - hyper-Austin-Powers-type-with-tatoo-and-funny-nephew or something