Sunday, October 30, 2005

Do you get good builders?

Some of you may remember my builder.

There have been a few issues since the building was completed. I have also had his suppliers knocking on my door because he has not paid them and gave my address when he got credit from them. He has not paid them despite the fact that he went to Mauritius on holiday during his contract with me.

One of the things he screwed up was the wiring from my lounge home theatre to my bedroom. So last night after not really missing TV in the bedroom (not something I am a fan of anyway), I crawled around in the dustiest corners of the roof, locating the cables he had thoughtfully coiled up and not connected, and pushing them through very small crevices betwen the back of the wardrobe and the wall. Hours later (I have discovered it is useless to try and rush DIY - do it properly the first time), I connected the TV and turned on the plug.

Thankfully the electrician he subcontracted did a good job of the electricity board and the trip saved my other appliances.

I gradually worked backwards to the extension cable the builder had installed to my bedroom TV.

Who wires a plug like this? I recall learning how to wire a plug in standard 2 / grade 4 science.

I reckon there is tens of thousands of rands of sub-standard work left by my builder. The pond is a nightmare and needs relining - this because he went on the cheap and used waterproofing paint rather than waterproof concrete. The verandah roof is built at too flat an angle and despite the ton of waterproofing he used, it still leaks. The braai chimney does not draw properly. I am petrified of the arch he built over my folding doors to the verandah - it is 5m and was specced as a iron beam - he built a concrete lintel.

I don't have the energy to track him down now and stand behind his creditors.

Next time I build, I will hold the retainer for six months beyond the completion date - you only discover these things then.


tripeak said...

OMG! Dude - you should be thanking your lucky stars you're still alive... there is no telling what would have happened if u decided to use this plug. I remember my sister trying to fix a bedside lamp once (age 11) and when she plugged it in and switched it on... not only were there sparks flying... we also caused a black-out in the neigbourhood. (well, the house... but everything seems bigger when you're five) LOL.

It is the question said...

I did use it! As I said, luckily the trip worked.

kyknoord said...

What a pain. I know what you mean by not having the strength to go after the guy. Maybe you could consider handing the problem over to a debt-collection agency?

ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I'd cry foul if I were you.
Like KN, I understand the need to put this behind you, but that is exactly how these fly-by-night operators get away with it. This guy will find another victim and do them in as well.
Can't you report him to the SA builders assocaiation?