Sunday, March 15, 2009

What do you regularly watch on TV?

To say a PVR / DVR is life-changing is an understatement. My work schedule is crazy meaning I miss most regular TV shows. If I miss an episode then the series loses meaning.

I bought a DVR some years back and that was cool. The PVR adds the TV schedules to the mix making setting up recordings all the more easy.

Here's my weekly recording schedule:


Idols - South Africa - MNET - 17h30
Carte Blanche - news / actuality - MNET - 19h00


Jamie's Kitchen - BBC Lifestyle - 18h30
Idols results show - MNET - 19h00
SuperRugby - KykNet - 20h30


The Amazing Race - SABC 3 - 19h30
Special Assignment - news / actuality - SABC3 - 21h30
3rd Degree - new / actuality - eTV - 21h30


American Idol - Series Channel - 19h00
Hells Kitchen - BBC Lifestyle - 18h30
Skins - BBC Entertainment - 20h30


American Idol - Series Channel - 19h00
Boots & All - Supersport 1 - 20h30

Other regulars are rugby and cricket, Masterchef and pretty much any food TV.

A big advantage of a PVR over a DVR is the ability to record three different channels and watch a fourth.

The other awesome thing about PVRing is the ability to pause and rewind live TV and clearly skipping ads.

The problem is now finding time to watch all this stuff....

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Anonymous said...

I solve the problem of finding time to watch TV with a very simple solution- I simply don't bother to watch TV.