Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Where do all the stolen goods go?

There have to be thousands and thousands of stolen laptops and cell phones in South Africa. Where do they all go?

It bugs the shit out of me that people buy stolen goods. Without the market there would be no theft.

I'm thinking about it because I've just had to run out and buy a new laptop. And I will have to buy a new DVR and DVDs tomorrow. After the brazen fuckers broke into my house and stole them while I slept last night. Of course I'm lucky. I could have woken up, etc, etc.

But I've been thinking a lot today about the arsehole who's going to buy my old laptop for a few hundred bucks.

Meanwhile: new laptop + Office 2007 = R20000. DVR = R3000. DVDs = R2000. The stuff that's missing that I have not figured out yet? All the work from the three weeks since my last back up?

I want to box somebody...


tripeak said...

box somebody? You mean like put them in a crate and ship them off to some remote part of the world where they will eventually succumb by trying to eat themselves?

Seriously though... I was under the impression that yr place is like fort knox - they even have booms blocking access to the roads, plus the guards etc...

Luckily you're insured.

It is the question said...

Yeah well, guards etc don't help when it's an inside job. I'm polygraphing all the workers on Tuesday. God help them if one of them tests positive. I'm sure I could do a good deal of damage before the police arrive.

Insurance, insmurance. What about the three weeks of work (since my last backup) that I lost? And what about this week of billing time I've lost? Believe me, the cost of that dwarfs what I'll be able to claim.

I like the idea of shipping the idiot off in a box though.