Sunday, December 10, 2006

How much of the future is digital?

I just watched Happy Feet in South Africa's first digital projection cinema - being trialled at Sandton City.

I must say it was very impressive. The Christie CP 2000x projector shows 35 trillion colours in phenomenal high-definition.

It also means we're a long way to a fully digital movie process - unbelievable animation all the way through to distribution and projection.

I remember some years ago watching a program about the future of movies and forecasting the return of legends like Marilyn Monroe - as digital actors in movies.

PS: the highlight of the movie for me was as the Amigos (pictured above) sang Chicago's If You Leave Me Now, they reached the point where the chorus kicks in "ooo-ooo-woo-hoo no, baby please don't go" the Amigo's paused slightly longer than the original and two guys in the back sang out "ooo-ooo-woo-hoo" in perfect unison. The entire audience fell off their seats in appreciative laughter!

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