Friday, September 22, 2006

Have you seen "Dirty War?"

Oh my goodness. What a bone chillingly scary movie.

The plot is simple - a group of moslem extremists linked to Al Qaeda create a dirty bomb. A dirty bomb is one made of low grade radioactive waste or bio-hazardous material and traditional explosives.

The bomb is detonated in central London and the movie deals with the response.

The chilling part is the likeliness of the plot and the realism of the movie. I could imagine tuning into BBC or Sky and seeing those pictures. As I saw the similar ones during last year's bus and subway bombings.

What a world we live in!

The movie was made by HBO and BBC and is currently on MNET in South Africa. The movie's HBO microsite can be accessed here.

Picture: HBO Asia

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ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

I have not seen it, but then I have not been watching tele lately.
Thanks for the heads-up, dude. I should be able to catch one of the repeats.