Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How will this war end?

It is difficult to see the end of the war in the Middle East. Losing family-members in all likelihood creates another person who might one day grow up to be a suicide bomber or a pro-war sympathist.

Whenever I consider the Middle East and Irish conflicts, I always consider the miracle that is South Africa.

From the Mail & Guardian:

Blasted by a missile on the road to safety

24 Jul 2006 07:32

The ambulanceman gave Ali the job of keeping his mother alive. The 12-year-old did what he could. "Mama, mama, don't go to sleep," he sobbed, gently patting her face beneath her chin. Behind her black veil, her eyelids were slowly sinking. "I'm going to die," she sighed. "Don't say that, mama," Ali begged, and then slid to the ground in tears.


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Dave said...

Brings home the humanity of the casualties.