Sunday, July 23, 2006

Could Cyril Ramaphosa be South Africa's next president?

Cyril Ramaphosa Photo © Eric Miller/World Economic Forum Africa Summit, Cape Town 2005
An article crept into today's press with all the significance of the breeze that heralds the eventual arrival of a hurricane.

News24 reported that Cyril Ramaphosa has entered the race for the ANC presidency.

Many South Africans have shuddered at the thought of a populist president such as Jacob Zuma. One who believes that a woman wearing a skirt is sending a sexual invitation and who regularly sings a song entitled "Bring Me My Machine Gun."

I have often wondered whether South Africa could attract someone into politics who has every opportunity to achieve in another arena such as business. Ramaphosa is such a person, and his business interests in the form of Shanduka are exceptionallysuccessfull. I wondered if he might ever yearn for a legacy beyond wealth and look to lead the country. It seems that he has.

UPDATE: It seems that he hasn't. Damn.

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Dave said...

And thank goodness for that!

Cyril left politics after Mbeki muscled him out in the race for ANC leadership. Now that Mbeki is on his way out hopefully Cyril will indeed return!