Sunday, February 19, 2006

Will you see past the pain?

I say it to you 20 times a day now
I love you
I look at you and smile
Just to see you.

You lose yourself
You retreat into your head
You rock your leg
As you hurt.

I hug you close
I whisper to you
I shake you
Hoping you'll see.

You hug me back
You smile for a while
You wince
As you think of what is not.

I feel the confusion
I feel the pain
I feel the hurt
As I miss being closer.

You avoid reminders
You wish we hadn't
You pull away
And try to forget.

I cannot forget
I will not forget
I let you get closer
And it felt good.

Some parts didn't work
Some of what we shared pulled us apart
Some of our issues
Ripped at our hearts.

You need friends now
Someone to lean on
I'm waiting right here
Someone who loves you.

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