Thursday, January 20, 2005

Why must builders lie?

Addendum / update to a previous post.

So now we are merely 3 months late on finishing the last few things on a 3 month project.

The difficulties appear to be related to installing a patio roof and pond without a leak. About fifty waterproofing treatments down the line, both still leak. Of course I will only know if the patio roof still leaks if we have some more rain, so I am praying for another Jo'burg monsoon. But, I know the pond still leaks as it dropped overnight again. And every time I speak to my builder, he mentions how much he has spent on waterproofing - a fact I ignore and ask when he will have finished with a working solution.

I have consoled myself with the fact that my place looks awesome and that my builder appears to have integrity. That was until I became suspicious of my built-in-cupboards. I originally asked for the quote on cherry wood veneer. After accepting his quote he convinced me to go for something darker to match the rest of the woodwork. I agreed. Now, looking at the edging, I wonder "This looks like melamine.." Sure as shit, I check with a wood supplier today and that it is.

So, my builder is desperately trying to complete things so that I will pay him the outstanding balance. At that time, I will bring my knowledge of his deception to light. Fucker.

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