Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Will my online date kill me?

This online dating thing has many parallels rolled into one.

Like going to a club to pick up someone for a shag. Or newspaper personals for people struggling to meet people outside of their normal circles. Or IRC for people wanting to instantly chat to someone without all the getting to know you stuff.

Of course it has the advantages and disadvantages of each. And magnifies some.

Like, this honesty thing. Isn't it amazing that someone will describe themselves as an almost-supermodel and expect that won't be an issue when you meet them?

Or the bravado thing. Isn't it amazing that someone will say they're keen for you to do them from behind in their first email?

The concept of Internet dating is amazing: it takes all the issues involved in traditional dating and uses the Internet strengths to try to solve them.

But as with all Internet failures, applying a inherently scientific solution to a human issue results in some unintended problems.

Now here's hoping my date for this evening doesn't carry an ice-pick...

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