Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Is Keira Knightley available?

Keira Knightley

I've been wondering. The girl of my dreams looks like Keira Knightley. I dated her for a while and then imploded. It is not easy going out with someone when, on the third date, you still can't believe you've actually succeeded in getting past the "I wondered if you wanted to go out some time?" line.

There were other issues. She has a coke habit, lives in Cape Town (I live in Jo'burg) and is not the type who easily spends an evening in. So not sure how things would have worked out anyway. But I'm still trying for an epic comeback...

But back to what I was wondering. Keira Knightley has got to be the sexiest women alive - in my opinion. Men: buy the August issue of Arena magazine (the best men's magazine) with Keira on the cover. OMG. So, if I am really keen on her, and just substituting with this other chick, maybe I could ask her out? I mean, she's going out with Adrien Brody. What's he got? I'd fly to London if she said yes! Now the question is, how do I get her on the phone, and how do I not come across as a psycho stalker?


Funny how things work out. Writing this was about the girl that looks like Keira. I phoned her half way through writing my blog entry, and she's keen to fly up to Jo'burg for a weekend. Epic.

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