Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is Pride redundant?

As a sexually confused / bi guy, mostly in the closet, the Pride movement has always been a mystery to me.

I understand a reaction to discrimination and the need to fight it. The stupidity of firing gay soldiers, hate speech, etc needs to be fought.

But I do get the feeling that Pride is the wrong reaction. Should heterosexual people be proud of their sexuality? If the movement was called "Non-issue" it would make more sense.

I feel the same reaction to the Black Consciousness movement (except I've read a bit of Steve Biko and that seemed a very different take on the subject). The aggressiveness of the Black Panthers, etc seems wholly misplaced and similar to the rabid ranting of some of the pride community.

Why these thoughts? Well Adam Lambert came out in the latest edition of Rolling Stone.

That in itself is not a big deal. What was a big deal was that suspicions he was gay influenced voting in American Idol.

What got me thinking again though, was reading the comments below the article. Read and then tell me America is a first world paragon of virtue.

They range from the entertaining:

shelagh | 6/9/2009, 10:28 am EST

Holy crap- dead- flatlined-
snakes…zipper jeans….open shirt…lying down….can’ breathe.

Frustrated Cougar | 6/9/2009, 11:11 am EST

I’m forty-five years old. I have no ovaries because they removed them when I had breast cancer. As a result I haven’t felt a sexual thrill in many years - until Adam Lambert. The boy just does it for me. I’m a professional woman and the mother of two grown children. Yet, when I watched that girl flash him her ta tas at his hometown visit, I thought, “That would be me except I only have one.” Anywho, it’s fun to feel alive again. And, Adam, if you ever have a pair of granny panties thrown on stage at one of your concerts - it’ll be me.

To the sensible / liberal:

GREG T VA BEACH | 6/9/2009, 10:16 am EST

I am 44 year old male married to my wife for 23 years. I am open minded and the bottom line gay or not Adam Lambert is a special talent. He is original and can sing. George Michaels, Elton John both have talent. This guy has talent and skills and I hope his records out sell and his popularity is even more than Cary Underwood’s and Kelly Clarkson’s. Rock on Adam the world (not just the U.S) can’t wait for your album. One favor Adam don’t let any of this go to your head but prove to everyone you are a talented singer and performer.

To the Christians big enough to remember not to judge:

Savta Shayna | 6/9/2009, 10:52 am EST

Sorry he practices homosexuality because I consider it a sin. But aside from that, Adam is the best talent ever to come from American Idol and this 7-time grandmother was glued to my TV every week in anticipation of his performances. I’m sure he’ll rise to top of the heap!

To the hateful:

James M. | 6/9/2009, 10:22 am EST

I’m glad he lost.America does NOT need gay idol.

Heather | 6/9/2009, 11:01 am EST

I don’t get it. Adam made my ears bleed and Johnny Cash roll in his grave when he sang…or screeched that awful version of r”Ring of Fire.” It was awful…it made my ears hurt and he should have been jerked off of the stage and kicked out of the competition then. As for his sexuality…I don’t agree with it…but hey, if you want your butthole to be stretched out and you want to sh*t all over yourself in a couple years, by all means, have at it! I don’t see how it was ever a question though…I mean look at him!

There were more that are referenced in other comments, but have since been removed.

And then the bewildering gay pride comment:

Michael | 6/9/2009, 10:16 am EST

Ok, I read this article on my local CBS station’s website and needless to say, I’ve lost all respect for Adam. Why? Because he’s perpetuating the lie that all gay men must be pretty and gorgeous! Gee thanks Adam, you’re a real role model for the gay community. Try being considerably less concerned about your vanity and a little more concerned with your music and perhaps the gay rights issues that you could really help with considering your stature as the American Idol runner-up. Thanks for helping to push along the cause of gay rights issues……….NOT!

Of course it could be tongue in cheek, making the point that Adam is good looking. But there more that are definitely not.

As Adam Lambert said, "I want to be a singer,not a civil rights leader."

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