Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is it too late to take up music?

When I was a kid, I played piano for a year or so. Looking back it is really sad. My parents could not really afford to buy a piano and somehow found the means. I never really practiced and wasted the opportunity.

Music is one of things like gymnastics that you kind of have to take up when you're a kid if you want to be good. Sadly it is also one of those things that you may only realise you like when you're older.

Is it too late to take up music at 35? I'm fresh from a weekend of attending the Coke Zero Fest. Fantastic. The talent was just amazing. Local bands like Zebra and Giraffe (if you have not heard them, click through and listen - awesome), Cassette and The Dirty Skirts. And Snow Patrol. Wow. They just blew me away. Oasis were polished and very good, but the Gallagher brothers are every bit as arrogant as you might have heard. But bigger arseholes than you could imagine. While I'm sure the palpable hate between Liam and Noel is real, the on-stage posturing and attitude was pathetic. Insulting your fans is never a good idea. It compared to the complete lack of pretension by every other band including the unbelievable Snow Patrol - who seemed in awe they were opening for Oasis. Dudes, you're better then those pricks.

So back to me taking up music. Keyboards make the most sense. I've been looking and found this amazing keyboard, the Yamaha Motif XS8:


Take a look at this amazing demo video:

This Burt Smorenburg is incredible. Watch this video for entertainment even if you have no musical inclination!

The problem is time. Music takes practice...

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