Saturday, July 21, 2007

is there a god? (wrt Fall Out Boy...)

It would seem so - i walked up to the fall out boy entrance, sign in hand, "ticket to buy please." i had asked and no one had seen anyone selling. I asked the guard at the gate. "yoh! This guy over here!"
the guy looked at me, leaned over and said, "here, present."
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UPDATE: BTW, concert was cool, but this was the worst sound I have ever heard at a concert. This includes concerts at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town, notorius for its bad sound, and Bon Jovi at Green Point where they blew their mid range amps. On the latter occassion, the sound engineer managed to compensate. Last night, to say the sound was "muddy" would be an understatement - at times you couldn't hear the lead vocalist.

The Fall Out Boy website
Joe Trohman's blog with today's post about their African trip - to Uganda and SA - including pictures and commentary about the gig at the Dome and their game drive

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