Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What are these little lights for?

See them? The little ones down low?

Are they so that I can see even better? Or to show I drive a cool car?

Bloody hell! They're FOG lights! That's F-O-G!

Why one earth most South African drivers who have them see the need to drive with them perpetually on, I don't know.


tripeak said...

I use mine - in the rain, and then the evenings... it really makes a difference on the road!

What i dont get is that when people drive with their rear fog lights in the DAY!!

Talking about cars... are you in the market 4 a new one?

It is the question said...


The lights illuminate the road in front of the car. Which is needed in fog.

In the rain I can understand.

Mmm. Didn't you admit to the metrosexual hug too? That's two rants on the mark.

No I'm not in the market for a new car. Each time it's 20% of the value gone the minute you drive the car out the showroom.

But if I was: http://www.jaguar.com/za/en/xk/models_pricing/models_CD3ED9C9-EAAE-46EA-AB9F-EB56F65C5159_462x669.jpg

Third World Ant said...

I'll forgive idiots who drive with their fog lights on during the day more readily than i forgive idiots who don't drive with any lights on in the dark!

went to schandinavia a while back, and in one of the countries (can't remember which) it's considered rude not to drive with your lights on all day and night - even in close on 24-hour sunlit days.

Terri said...

Same reason people have sun-roofs in Ireland.