Friday, August 11, 2006

Are you a criminal?

Something that makes my blood boil are drivers who remove their number plates to avoid getting caught in camera speed traps.

It is likely that many of these people complain bitterly about crime and the state of the country, etc. But they have no qualms about speeding, plotting ways to avoid getting caught, bribing police officers, jumping red traffic lights, etc.

Of course almost everybody speeds at some point. I have my share of traffic fines. But we know the rules and if we break them we must be prepared to accept the consequences. Except that some people are not prepared to do that.

So I am very happy that Johannesburg Metropolitan Police are cracking down on plate-less cars. They will issue a spot fine of R200 per missing plate. I think this is way too little - it is very easy to get a speeding fine of over R500 - how many fines have these people avoided? I think the cops should rather impound any car with a missing plate and the driver should appear in court for a serious fine and possible jail time for repeat offenders - that might stop the problem.


Cops chasing speedsters numbers
10/08/2006 20:24 - (SA)

Johannesburg - Metro police will clamp down on motorists not displaying number plates on their vehicles.

Metro spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said on Thursday: "Many motorists remove their number plates in order to avoid being caught when speeding through speed cameras."

Motorists found driving without displaying their number plates would be fined R200 for each missing number plate.

Fines also would be issued if the number plates were obscured by a tow bar, were not clearly visible, had faded or were illegal. Number plates must display the SABS stamp of approval.

Metro police have already fined more than 10 000 motorists between July of last year and June this year for number-plate offences.

"We would like to reiterate that any person found driving with a false registration number will be arrested immediately and taken to the nearest police station," said Minnaar.

"The offender will be charged with fraud."


ChittyChittyBangBang! said...

It is amazing what ppl will do to escape a fine. Sad really, as road safety should be the primary concern.
R200.00 seems lenient to me too. A couple days in lock-up sounds better.

It is the question said...

It is amazing - I see the headline in the Citizen today is about the laser-camera-trap-detectors. Apparently they're foxing the police.

I must say, despite my attitude regarding number plates, I've often been tempted to buy one.

This guy selling them from a shop on Time Square, NY told me that South African's were some of his biggest customers!

Aquila said...

chitty - I'd agree - why can others get away with literally murder?